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 O u r    s t o r y 

As a tale, once upon a time, secret fairies were living in a hidden forest. They enjoyed creating innumerable poems and songs with happiness in the daily life. The innate intelligence and aesthetic enhanced them to capture unlimited inspiration, from any things and happens around them. Their perfect creations were beautiful, enchanting and touching with people heart. People always were obsessed into their beauty and fantasy.... We hope to become a member of the perfection because we believe this legend can be continued, so the name – Rhapsody in forest has born.

The “Rhapsody in Forest” provides qualified design, or also provides good services for custom designs. We have expected our customers like to purchase our designs because of quality and characteristic; therefore we are hard working with heart and passion. We have ability to effectively satisfy any requirement. Meanwhile, customers happily put the treasure into their collection box.

Email: designandcraft@rhapsodyinforest.co.uk
 T h e    F o u n d e r

Rhapsody in Forest launched in 2011. The founder Ronnie Chan graduated from Central Saint Martins College decided to run his own brand after he had been worked in jewellery making for few years. He had had cooperative project with Victoria & Albert Museum in UK. His works also were exhibited in London Design Festival, Paris Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week. In 2014, his design had been qualified as he got a Commend Award of Goldsmiths' Design and Craft Competition. Now he is a registered member of the British Goldsmiths Company and a member of the China UK Jewellery Association. . The Rhapsody in Forest provides cutting-edge, sophisticated and fantasy contemporary jewellery. Wearer will be surprised because of the diversity of finishing in a piece.